Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We concluded our 7 weeks on the Costa del Sol back in Torremolinos, but at a different hotel.  It is about one mile to the east of the first one and also overlooks the marvelous beach promenade.   You can walk it for miles -- and we have.  We are closer to El Centro here; there is a long, winding pedestrian street up the hill to town or a lift that takes you part way.  We only discovered that recently!  In the morning, we take a long walk along the beach or go into town and wander the winding streets.  On Sundays and Thursdays, there is a Mercadillo  (think flea market) at the fairgrounds we enjoy strolling around. 
Reminders of old fishing village

Like most of the towns along the Costa del Sol, Torremolinos was once a poor fishing village.  It was the first of the beach towns to turn into a major resort.  It has almost 6 miles of beautiful, wide beaches.  The summer is very busy but even winter with its mild temperatures and mostly sunny days attracts many visitors from northern Europe.   The only American voices we hear are from tour groups passing through.

Beach chairs still out but no sunbathers
The weather is starting to change.  Temperatures usually mid-sixties, some cloudy, rainy days.  The rainy days afforded an opportunity to work on a new lecture.  That always involves a lot of research, writing and Powerpoint design.  Creating the blog also takes some time.  

Sand sculpting is popular
Since this is now our lifestyle and not just a vacation, we do many of the things we did when we had a home.  Aside from walking, spiritual readings are always part of our day.  We also enjoy reading or listening to an audio book.  Right now we’re listening to “The Next 100 Years” by George Friedman.  Very interesting.   I bought a Barnes & Noble Nook Color just before we left the States.  Like the Kindle, it allows me to download and read books but it also has internet capability.  Fortunately, most of the places we stayed had wi-fi.  Aside from keeping up with email,   it has allowed me to begin designing our travels for next year.  We expect to leave Florida mid-January and spend 9 – 10 months circling the country.  

Well, we say adios to Spain on November 25th and board the Seabourn Spirit for a 14 day cruise back to Fort Lauderdale.  Hope everyone has a bountiful Thanksgiving.  We are certainly feeling very grateful for – among many other things –  our wonderful visit to the Costa del Sol.