Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Our chariot
After disembarking Celebrity on January 5, 2012, we had a very busy week in Boca Raton.  Getting ready for our 9 month circle the USA car trip necessitated appointments with doctors, dentists, car check ups and the biggie: sorting through our clothes in storage and packing the car.  It was exhausting and stressful but on 1/12/12, we hit the road.  (Last year we closed on the sale of our condo on 1/11/11.  Wonder what 1/13/13 will hold.)  

Bright white sand and lots of water along Florida's Panhandle
We made it to Tallahassee and spent the night before moving on to Destin, Florida where we rented a cute apartment near the beach for a week. We were told the oil spill did not do much damage to the beautiful water and white, white sands of the Panhandle but the media coverage destroyed the tourist industry for that period.  Unfortunately, the weather was not conducive to sunning in mid-January but we caught up on a few movies, relaxed and began planning future stops.

Cottage we rented in Destin, FL

We stopped overnight in Baton Rouge, Louisiana before heading on to Houston, Texas to visit our friend Hans.  It was hard to believe that 10 years had passed since we met and last saw Hans on the 2002 Regent World Cruise. What a treat it was to visit him and his friend Vuthy and stay in the beautiful guest house.  Hans gave us a wonderful tour of Houston.  It is a very impressive city and the 4th largest in America.  Vuthy is from Cambodia and a marvelous cook.  They spoiled us with good food, wine, conversation and games.
Our wonderful hosts: Hans and Vuthy
At Hans' house in Houston

One of the nicest things about traveling like this is getting to visit friends who live all over the country.  As we drove across the long,  long state of Texas, we were able to stop for lunch with friends in San Antonio.  Then it was on the road again and another overnight stop before reaching Las Cruces, New Mexico.  After several long days of driving, we wanted to settle in for 3 nights, get caught up on email and make some future travel plans before heading to Tucson where we will celebrate Ron's birthday.