Monday, September 10, 2012


White Mountains of New Hampshire
Riding ATVs in New Hampshire
Our first stop in New Hampshire was Lebanon, right next to Hanover.  Hanover is a charming town and home of   Dartmouth College.   Then it was on to Lincoln in the  heart of the White Mountains.  Over 100 million years old, they are  part of the Appalachian Chain. The White Mountains were named for the snow that covers them in winter or for the extensive mica deposits in the granite; no one knows for sure.

It wasn't until we arrived in Lincoln that I realized we had been there with our motor-home in the late 90s.  (Either my memory is going or we've traveled a bit too much - maybe both!)  Oh well, it was worth another visit.   The first time, we saw Lost River, Franconia State Park and rode the railroad.  This time, we came to ride ATVs.  How was that?  Let's just say we're glad we did it but won't do again.

To Ron's delight, we re- discovered  Polly's Pancake Parlor.  People flock to this place (outside Lincoln in the middle of nowhere) for their wide variety of delicious pancakes - like corn meal with coconut!  Thought we  deserved to splurge after our wild ATV ride. 

Boothbay Harbor
Camden, Maine
A beautiful ride through the mountains and little New England towns took us into Maine.  First stop: Boothbay Harbor, a popular, scenic little town on the water.  But then just about everything in Maine is on or near water.  The whole state is ocean and inlets and lakes and.... just gorgeous.

Perry's perfect lobster dinner
From there, we drove to Hallowell, a small town right next to Augusta, to visit our friend Perry.  Originally from Maine, he moved back last year so he was the one to show us 'quintessential Maine.'  Camden may be the best example of that.  A beautiful town built around a harbor with Mount Battie in the background.  Then it was on to Rockport.  Perry was the perfect host and I would say that even if he hadn't satisfied my craving for Maine lobster and corn fresh from the farm.
Lobster night with Shirley & Betty

We left Perry after Labor Day and drove down to Wells, Maine to meet  two of my oldest girlfriends.  They drove over from New York's Adirondack Mountains to spend 3 days with us.  It was a gabfest as we caught up on old friends, reminisced about old times and enjoyed another lobster dinner before leaving Maine.

Now, after 8 months on the road, we begin our trip south.