Saturday, November 9, 2013


The high speed trains are wonderful
First hotel (Amaragua) in Torremolinos
Spain's railway system includes high speed trains and we took one from Madrid to the Costa del Sol where we enjoyed a sunny  month in Torremolinos. 
View from our room at first hotel

TRAVEL TIP:  If traveling by train in Spain, book direct with Renfe Rail System and book early for considerable savings.

View from our room at 2nd hotel (Melia)
We were here 2 years ago and knew it would be an ideal place to relax after all our travels.   We stayed at 2 different hotels right along the beach.  Both packages included breakfast and dinner so it was nice not to have to think about where to eat each day.  The walkway along the beach stretches for miles and we enjoyed walking it several times a day. 

Sand Artists
On November 8, we took another high speed train to Barcelona.  From here we board the Seabourn Spirit on November 10 to cruise back across the Atlantic.  

We look forward to the familiarity and comforts of the United States and seeing friends, but have enjoyed this trip so much that we are already thinking of doing a similar one next year.  

Hope you have enjoyed the blogs.


Our trip amounted to 7 months out of the U.S.  It included 2 ships, 1 car, 2 high speed trains and 1 plane. 

DEPARTURE:  April 20 – May 1, 2013 Norwegian Epic to Barcelona.

CAR: We picked up a leased car in Barcelona and put 8,600 km (about 5,400 miles) on it driving through through Italy, France and Spain over a period of 5 months and 10 days. 

LODGING: We stayed in 50 different places (not counting the 2 cruises). 

RETURN: November 10 - 23 we cruise from Barcelona to St. Maarten on Seabourn Spirit and from there fly back to Florida.                                    

Sailing back on Seabourn
                               HAPPY THANKSGIVING